Where do fake physics come from?

Einstein's model of cosmology between physics and fake

Fake Physics

Two days ago Peter Woit complained about fake physics  [1]. This topic isn't new in physics [2] [3] but together with the current situation of newspapers quite an alarm is going on.

Peter Woit (and established newspapers) will probably deny it, but the discussion on "post-truth" is actually not about fake but about their own broken monopoly on fakes.
In fundamental physics the established papers are in large part fake physics. Peter Woit himself is one of the big multipliers of fake in his blog.
– I think it's about time to tell another truth about the origin of fake physics.

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For good reasons the Nobel Prize awarded to Albert Einstein in 1921 was not for the general theory of relativity [4] but for Einstein's discovery of the law of the photoelectric effect. – Not because relativity wouldn't have been the bigger achievement in science (yes, it was doubted then by some) but because Einstein turned strangely already in 1917 [5] his great theory (of 1915) into deceptive cosmological speculations. – Today sadly just the fake part (the cosmological part) of Einstein's theory is the main application of his theory (with all its unsolvable inconsistencies).
It's not just that Einstein's legacy -the Standard Model of Cosmology- is wrong. The even bigger impact on today's science and world view is how Einstein established the global filter bubble [6] that kept this wrong model alive for one hundred years now. Physics of the bubble universe were not an accidentally wrong scientific conclusion of the 1920s. It is intended long-term planned conspiracy, globally driven by motivations originated outside of science.

It's strange to see in the 21st century how voodoo priests stoop over a crystal ball (over the mathematical model of the "bubble universe"), how they mouth conjuring "Gravity!" and then come up with: "It's 68.3 percent." – This is in no way different from "the answer is 42" (except it's not funny).
Don't they feel it's ridiculous like water-level reports for the Sahara? – Of course they do. But for them it's much more important to secure their strategic positions, than to serve scientific truth.

The filter bubble of the bubble universe is not only maintained by ignorance and indoctrination but by strong political intentions.

In the following I list physics that are "fake" from the bubble universe's point of view:

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I appreciate the current and disturbing fake news. They are eye-openers and the salt of journalism and science (at least as long as NYT and arXiv.org turn down papers like this one) [7]. Fake physics help when I'm reading a paper to distinguish humans from the clique of dark voodoo priests.

"The universe itself can't be an object of gravity within itself. There is no gravity of the universe."

See ›› my paper.

Is that fake physics? – Think twice.

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