Landscape photography — Fujifilm X30 review

weidenzaun - photograph

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For buying a new everyday camera I considered this short list:

My old photo shoots from 2002 to 2009 were made with my Nikon Coolpix 8700.
(Then in my life followed five years I didn't take photographs.)
For the restart the Fujifilm X30 is the right camera for me. — Here is my review (a comparison rather):

  • The X100T's lens is not much sharper in the corners compared to the impressive X30 lens. (And when taking video with the X100T  I would miss stabilization.) - So for me the X100T has little advantage over the zoom camera.
  • The noise with Fujifilm X30 in low light (because of the small sensor size) doesn't bother me. (Noise in low light looks rather appropriate to me since I do not take portrait photographs.)
    (another X30 review)   (X30 samples by PB)   (X30 samples by Gordon Laing)
  • Panasonic's philosophy to overemphasize contrast in the pictures to suggest exceptional sharpness is not mine. My first impression when checking samples was their photographs look dead and cold, the subjects like made of lead[1]
    I appreciate rather lightness, nuances and atmosphere like Fujifilm does.
  • In terms of use the Sony RX100 III would be a no-go for me.  I don't like it when using the EVF is inconvenient (you have to pull it out every time you want to use the camera/EVF). And I have zoom lenses in bad memory that are driven by servo motors (like with my old Nikon). — 'Switch on and shoot' doesn't work with the RX100.

The Fujifilm X30 is well-known for its perfect point-and-shoot mode. — Open for new things I love to use this camera just for the opposite purpose (I disabled any Auto operations) — with the excellent EVF I see anyway what I get.  [2]

I took these first samples north-east of Berlin, in Brandenburg near the Berlin city boundary.  (When subjects don't look overly exciting .. it's ok, I'm not looking for real life in photography. It's about exercises in balancing a view.)  [3]
My latest shots can be seen in the top row of my photo gallery.

altlandsberg - photograph


winter sun - photograph


willow catkin - photograph


gruscheweg - photograph


hellersdorf kastanienallee - photograph

(ISO 1600)   O

bruchmuehle misteln - photograph


elisenhof-pferde - photograph


pferdestall - photograph


kaulbachstrasse - photograph


elisenhof radweg - photograph


[1]  The linked gallery of photo samples (I called 'dead and cold') is top-ranked by Google for "Summilux 15mm". — I guess that review is for Panasonic lenses a PR disaster.

[2]  The second field where I would like to use a camera unconventionally is the storage (in combination with the EVF).  I would like to upload some information JPGs onto the camera's SD card, mainly high-res maps for my cycling tours. The capability of the EVF to zoom in in playback mode and to navigate through large images would be perfect for that - above all because the EVF provides a much better view in bright daylight than a smart phone display. — Sadly you have to use an extra image viewing device (smart phone) for that - uploading JPGs doesn't work (X30 on a Mac).

[3]  A Note:  I'm not the one who crops or stitches photographs. It's the camera that crops. — Photographs/ images have in itself its own native appearance and an aspect ratio that is in their nature.
Most of the time I annul the odd cropping by the camera ( 3:2 ).  (See my article on aspect ratio)