What is the English word for 'Netzpolitik'?

It's 'surveillance state' – and it will be a proud word, a religion

The German word  'Netzpolitik' is not a beautiful word.
It sounds bureaucratic, rough and 'German', and it is. – It's not as noble as e.g. the word Liberty.
But there should be a noble and bright word in English for 'Netzpolitik'.
It seems in English there isn't a word for it at all.

The Guardian and WIRED.com use derogatory naming for categories of their websites: Hacking and Threatlevel.
Ars Technica calls it Civilization and Its Discontents (Sigmund Freud) – sounds intellectual but simply intends downplaying.
The World Wide Web Foundation names it open Web : available, usable, and valuable for everyone (as a part of the big issue). And also the term Internet freedom (or Internet censorship) does not tell the whole story.

The EFF calls it's blog that covers all related topics Deeplinks and at the bottom of the page there is a list of the topics:

Anonymity, Cell Tracking, Content Blocking, Encrypting the Web, Free Speech, Net Neutrality, Privacy, RFID, Surveillance Drones, Transparency ..

The word 'Netzpolitik'  includes it all. In Germany the activists use it ( netzpolitik.org – before it was occupied by state interests ) as well as the media close to the state ( diskurs.dradio.de ).

It's about the biggest question ever: Will we be a Borg society?

What is the name of the whole thing?

The English-speaking world likes it head-on. – They call it simply surveillance state and they make it their religion.  (There is the good theocracy and the evil theocracy. And the U.S. one is the good one.)

'Surveillance state' is just about to become the noble and affirmative word I was looking for. — But it reveals this age rather as Dark Age or Stone Age - not as Liberty.