Coastline in sunglint

In 2008 I built a 3D globe model (pure vector, no image mapping) and when watching my model I found it visually most interesting to use a camera view toward the horizon against the sunlight.

3d globe

My 3D-rendered image (2008) shows Denmark, Skagerrak and in the background Scotland.

skagerrak northwest

image: (2014). click image to enlarge

Addition 2014-07: It's quite weird how similar the two images are since I hadn't seen any photograph from space against the sunlight so far when I designed my rendering in 2008. – It's the same favorite region, the same direction of view, same field of view, same lighting (solar altitude), same dichromatism.

Another similar contrast effect: Earth Observatory IOTD from February 25, 2013 (below).

long island

image: . click image to enlarge

The Skagerrak seen from space towards the North Pole (with aurora borealis):

skagerrak north

image: . click image to enlarge

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