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My criticism, my thoughts on information technologies, privacy and web policy. Experience reports (reviews) about usability, hardware and software (sometimes with an autobiographical portion).

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Alpine A110  —  redesigned

The Alpine A110 of 2017 is a great sports car because of its restricted parameters and its overall shape. – Some changes of the car body design would make it even more a pure drivers car.

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Python &  SQLite

Mein Erfahrungsbericht zu meinen Netzwerk-Programmierungen an der Uni der Künste Berlin (UdK)
– Archiv-Datenbank der Semesterprojekte am Studiengang Architektur, 1997-2004  (it's in German) 

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Porsche 911 R  —  redesigned

The Porsche 911 R of 2016 repudiates the foundational principles of Erwin Komenda's classic 356/ 901 design. — A comparison of two 3D models analyses what the Weissach designers messed up in the last 50 years.

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I migrated to a new domain:

Yes, it zeros the Google ranking of my articles. But in most other respect it's good news. — If you bookmarked an article of mine or established a link before 2017, please update the URL. It changed. All pages are still there.

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chikoo review – files in smart folders

For some of your data folders on your Mac (perhaps for the most important ones)  Chikoo could organize your files, smarter than the Finder — if its syncing with the Finder would be more elaborated.

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Apple turns users into stupid consumers

How useful actually is a handheld when it's not a phone? I bought an iPod touch (G6) to find out – in particular to find out how to browse my locally stored knowledge base written in HTML.

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landscape photography — fujifilm X30 review

The Fujifilm X30 is well-known for its perfect point-and-shoot mode.  –  I love to use this camera just for the opposite purpose. I disabled any Auto operations: white balance, focus etc.  –  the excellent EVF makes it possible.

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coastline in sunglint

In 2008 I built a 3D globe model (pure vector, no image mapping). The rendered image shows up Denmark, Skagerrak and in the background Scotland.
The Earth Observatory IOTD from February 25. ...

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tor is not for watching tv

Eight months ago I used for a while a payed VPN service to watch British TV. Now I was interested in how Tor works, in general and for the case I would really need it, not for watching TV. – But it ended up in trying just that.

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how I do bookmarking and note taking

My favorite tool makes use of the filtering system of OS X  (Smart Folders) for filtering the notes/ bookmarks by tags, text strings, by excluding individual tags (boolean) etc. ..
Very fast, very neat, most indispensable.

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eff logo

what is the english word for 'netzpolitik'?

The Guardian and Wired use derogatory naming as web pages' category: 'Hacking' resp. 'Threatlevel'.
Ars Technica calls it 'Civilization and Its Discontents' – sounds intellectual but intends downplaying rather...

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cad software:  nx and modo

In the final result "3D" is either about engineering or about lighting, shadows, surface texture and perspective projection .. –  not what I want.  This blog post tells (beside listing CAD software) how I got loose from CAD.

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photo aspect ratio

5:4 and 9x7  —  aspect ratio in photography

My photographs are exercises for myself (my eyes) in finding balance and proportion. They are not about current events, authenticity or contemporary photography. – In most cases the more square aspect ratio is important for balance.