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Cosmology, Bubble Universe & Epistemology

I started my series on Einstein's doctrine of the bubble universe by asking questions. Today I have answered these questions by myself (after I got hostile silence from everywhere): Physics of the bubble universe exist only for political reasons. - Einstein did not only establish the (wrong) idea of the bubble universe. He also established the required ideological filter bubble (with the help of his connection to a global force and its media power).
So, anyone who asks will gain uncomprehending silence in response. – And it is for ever. It is a touchstone: When they can make the world believe, a bubble is the right place to live in, they can dominate humanity by all accounts.

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gravity and scaling of spacetime

All the basic physics of cosmology summarized in three pages. It's the essence of my main work 'Demiurg Albert E.' – under omission of political backgrounds and sociology.


physics of infinity

"What you can't count does not exist."

A article culminates in this:  Physicists who stay with their axiom the Universe is spatially infinite can't be called scientists anymore. On the grounds that they can't proof space is infinite. – That is totalitarianism (and nonsense).


contracept physics

Adam Riess. How to contracept new physics

Expansion of the universe is about (dark) energy and "momentum of matter"? - Adam Riess is contracted by the Johns Hopkins University to repeat the same prevarications again and again. – Just to hide the forbidden truth.


fake physics

where do fake physics come from?

The discussion on "post-truth" is actually not about fake but about the broken monopoly on fake. Physics of the bubble universe are not accidentally wrong. Is perhaps the standard model of cosmology itself the origin of fake physics?

big bang

demiurg Albert E.

1. Analyse der fachlichen Fehler der Einsteinschen Fundamentalphysik des Universums und deren politische Ursachen. 2. Wie diese Sackgasse im Wissenschaftsbetrieb festgeschrieben wird.  (it's in German) 


einstein voodoo

einstein's voodoo of the bubble universe

The sources and goals of US science policy.  –  Where Einstein was wrong in fundamental physics.  –  You can bend light by gravity but you can't retract light once emitted back to its source.  –  There is no "gravity of the universe".



the universe as manifestation of sense (pdf)

My scientific papers at about the philosophical foundations of the limitless universe and about its implications for post-Einstein fundamental physics.
Part III-IV about Einstein's hypothesis of the bubble universe.


heaven s fitters

big bang  —  today's physics in deadlock

EINSTEIN WAS WRONG. BUT TODAY'S ASTROPHYSICISTS FLOP No one can conceive where time comes from and what time really is. – Makes it any sense to come up with the idea there must be an energy that drives scaling of space forward?


space scaling

not dark yet  (on dark energy)

Is it really enough to take distance measurements of supernovae or to deduce the distance to the Large Magellanic Cloud  to claim: "That's the key to unerstand expansion of the universe." ?  – My skeptical first questioning (a draft).