"..this planet will float deserted through space"

You can call it transhumanism but you can’t call it a future



Abstract / bottom line:
The dark vision of a deserted planet Earth [1] will inevitably become terrible reality. – The scientific question is when.
This are my thoughts (my sceptical calculations if you will) in five paragraphs about bad intentions, interstellar space flight, eugenics in the 24th century, interstellar governance and emptiness of transhumanism.

rembrandt crucifixion

1653, Rembrandt, Crucifixion of Jesus Christ . etching, detail

The most evil will prevail.  (Preface)

People like to deceive themselfs if it becalms. - Concerning the future of planet Earth we have the Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield who is payed for telling comforting tales we like to hear.
First: He describes strikingly (video #t=6m12s) how the political judgement of a human being changes when watching Earth from space, orbit by orbit. Hadfield deems this a liberation in thinking, a relief from narrow-mindedness and prejudices.
– But the opposite is true. People conceive what they see and suppress what is outside of their field of experience. In this case they become idiots in the question what makes the political world go round (idiots in sociology). Hadfield's wish is this: send everyone into orbit to let them see the whole world as one single place.
Subconsciously Hadfield considers the whole world US property (he is practising hypnosis when he says "we" and "mankind"). He tries to make people blind to today's causes of war on earth - the craving of the super power.  (Yes, US power will prevail, but for now Hadfield gets the 'inadequate' grade in propaganda.)

The second inability (unwillingness) to find solutions to save planet Earth is to think in categories of technology and not of social sciences (that's just like North America).
Hadfield talks about electric cars, nuclear fusion and other fob-off arguments. [2]
In fact the real topics of a sustainably inhabitable earth are these:

As a hundred-percent execution this is impossible (see my criticism against E. O. Wilson [16] ).  Everything other than hermetic circular economy (the list above) will lead to an early death of planet Earth in a few hundred years. [3]
The restrictive circular economy wouldn't mean stasis of mankind nor would it be the end of progress in technology, science and personal liberty. But it would halt the explosive and uncontrolled growth of the human factor on earth. - The difference would be like that one between today's fast cargo ships and slower but futuristic sailing ships for cargo transportation  (from a technical point of view).
In terms of sociology and politics it would mean to overcome the western model of society and to establish a Chinese-like global Central Committee that dictates everything that is related to global and long-term interests of mankind (a dictatorship on behalf of the coming generations/ humanism in preference to transhumanism).
And even that wouldn't prevent from wastage by degrees of planet Earth. - But it would safeguard the evolution of mankind for tens of thousands of years.
– The one big question is: How to ensure the power of this dictatorship stays limited to its purpose? The other question is: How ever can such a Central Committee gain power to enforce its order globally?
The answer is: in no way. We all know abdication of power only happens in this (capitalist) world when it's over (when it's too late). So the turn into a global responsibility will not happen. [4]  Instead they will feed us with hopes of exoplanets - which (you're not going to believe this) no human alive will ever reach (if any: posthuman incubators, contagion capsules). [12]  [14]  [15]

Chris Hadfield's third demagogy playground is global warming. He knows it's not exactly honest when the man with the probably biggest CO2 footprint under the sun complains about gas emissions. His employers as well (Hadfield is i.a. retired colonel) don't want to hear something like that. So he accepts to appear in interviews hedging and even cynical [a]  [b] - just not to tell downright lies.
He knows his situation is sick. But I doubt he knows the size. Whitewashers of his kind are efficient in promoting the hidden death of mankind. – It's inevitable - the most evil will prevail.


1796, Francisco Goya, Las Chinchillas . eatching, detail

Interstellar space colonization means carrying genes to safety

I estimate it will happen in the late 24th century: Man is leaving planet Earth and the solar system. Earth had become widely uninhabitable, people on earth had died in apocalyptic numbers and in the end mankind as we know it had died. [13]  What remains is Earth and Moon as the initial point for the observation and control of a number of targeted exoplanets – huge telescopes, communication laser emitters and the post-human elite that manages the whole thing.

Looking back from this deserted 24th century it becomes clear, capitalism was a duplicitous promise. You can't have both, the free play of forces (the free market) and at the same time a majority decision where the evolution has to go. You can't have a battle for profit from Earth's resources and at the same time preservation and integrity.
So, concerning the future of planet Earth, what in the first place is the result of the inability of capitalism to preserve the foundations of humanity will be in hindsight declared to be the mission:
To sacrifice Earth and mankind for space colonization.

I wouldn't call it mankind or humanity what spreads from Earth to a number of exoplanets in the galaxy. It's if anything disqualification of humanity from genesis. It's the triumph of the genes of some separated among us, as planned ahead i.a. by Stephen Hawking. (see "Hawking - Ideas of a Pervert" [5] )

What technology the project will use is not important for this analysis. (Perhaps conserved oocytes, artificial uterus and robot nannies after hundreds of years of space flight, conserved seeds for automated greenhouses, the conserved microbial metagenome etc.)  – In the first place it is about perpetrators who carry their shady effort to safety and abdicate their responsibility.

In the early 21st century the International Space Station ISS was already quite expensive. The project of interstellar exodus will be exhausting to death.
It will burn out all industrial and intellectual resources on the planet for centuries to fire these capsules carrying the entire knowledge of mankind into space.
— It is hard to understand and must be forced by desperation: the living mankind on Earth gives up itself and its home planet to spread the genes of those who planned its demise.

schongauer johannes

1480, Martin Schongauer, Sankt Johann . engraving, detail

Panics and Eugenics

Without having an exceptional situation and existential crisis on earth it would be impossible even to think or to plan the interstellar exodus, much less to put it into practice.  It would not be enforceable

What would it feel like to have someone as a colleague who was born with an optimized genome? Or to have him in a TV show - two meters tall, much faster thinking than you and more complex, so he has it down cold to be entertaining - and he can really be funny (at your expense). His teeth are whiter when he laughs at you (knowing he will outlive you by two hundred years). – I guess it would be horror.
But no worries! He will be set free/ transhumanism will start only after mankind has died.

How about humanistic core values when the space capsules will reache their targets? What if there occurs a technical problem or let's say illness? - Some children will have to be switched off. (Care is for the success of the project not for the individual.) – That sounds like the most terrible Nazi ideology - and it is. [6]
Otherwise the space ship would have to be that huge it would be unaffordable for ever, the flight would take thousands of years and would never take place.

So, the first and most basic requirement for interstellar space flight is to induce the exceptional situation and existential crisis for mankind. Purposeful demoralization has to be achieved - by appearance of the enemy from outer space (the Alien) or by the self-induced total environmental catastrophe.
Since the 20th century there are experts in staging destabilisation on the one hand and singlemindedness on the other. It will be not that difficult (just watch TV and it works). - And then transhumanism begins: experiments on human genes [7] and selective breeding of what will set out on the interstellar journey.

dürer melancolia

1514, Albrecht Dürer, Melancolia . engraving, detail

Total control

Enrico Fermi asked looking up to the starry sky: "Where is everybody?"
– Most likely there is nobody in this galaxy. [8] Alive organisms are perhaps not that rare in the universe but with regard to places where evolution can go that far planet Earth is obviously the first. [9]  (And what happens in other galaxies will remain speculation for ever.)  [10]

So it seems there is no limit for the genes of the chosen ones in this galaxy. - But what will the future be?  What are the options to spread these genes over the galaxy?  Will it be a release of a subdivision of mankind into a remote and open future? And will the godspeed address –aimed at the human seed in the capsules– sound like this? :
"Good luck!  In five thousand years we will meet again. Perhaps then with opposing precepts what humanity should be. So, please stay peaceable!"
– Of course it will not. There will be no such thing as "free subdivision of mankind" or "open future".

Today's difference between Russians and Americans is minimal compared to five thousand years of independent social change on exoplanet colonies (and guns will be bigger then).
So, consequently space colonization will be a mission under total political bondage, unbreakable for all time. – The costs of the mission exceed any quantifiable scale. So it has to be worth while for someone.

For the elite race on earth (when the population has declined from 10 billion to a few hundred thousand) the former so-called mankind will appear in memory as an awkward excess of the past. - The decline was caused by the collapse of the ecosystem Earth and by the dead acid oceans. But the survival of the chosen few was managed by the institution Five Eyes and its databases (fictionally - but still very likely). We all know what NSA/ GCHQ is: a dossier for each person on earth, biometric data, personality structure, genome, basic convictions, a mark for valuable humans (… the Nazi dream came true).
– The collapse of the planet at the right moment was almost as if it were planned.

5EYES started in the 20th century. Four centuries later it will probably bear a different name. The task and the means [11] will be different: to control the social life on multiple planets now. – But the principle will stay the same:  letting the dream come true - the dream of total, everlasting and world-spanning rulership by the chosen – global dominance.


1886, James Ensor, Cathedral . eatching

It will be the triumph of the chosen

Will it?  I guess everyone who shares the vision of the chosen ones knows how their augured story goes on in space. – I don't and I don't want to.

Today states become ghetto states where drones fly overhead.  People branded by Five Eyes get killed by drones.  - But is any sense in it?  Isn't it empty in itself for the ruling elite to be "chosen".

Tomorrow people will know the truth looking up to the starry sky.
"It would take ten million years to walk to the next star. But even there the same micro drones fly and control all social life. - The prophecy has accomplished. It is doom."
This is sea change in the idea of redemption of man.
From  "I can't escape. I am weak."  to  "I can't escape. There is no outside."
Is this doom?  Yes. Even for the chosen.

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[1]  The origin of the headline is strange. The complete quote (from Mein Kampf) wouldn't conform to my stance at all. Nevertheless I use this quote because the topic of my blog post is totalitarianism, race, killing and death. I write against racism - in particular against global dominance of a race.

[2]  Hadfield: "The same driving, restless intellect that created the problems can minimize and even reverse them."
This calculated optimism doesn't ask what impels the restless intellect. - What if there is no interest for a reversal? A system of forces can lose its balance and come to a halt (like an anaerobic dead zone in the ocean). That is not technology. It's sociology, the system itself.
(See in my article  It's never the technology but the interests)

[3]  In 2009 I wrote: "What mankind is:  a clutterer in his studio apartment called planet Earth who suddenly discovers his toilet has no drainpipe and his window can't be opened for ventilation."

[4]  I appreciate the work of Jørgen Randers. - At one point I disagree with his theses: the ability of democracy and competition to save planet Earth.
Take Emissions trading which was sabotaged and did fail. – Karl Marx would say: failed following a set pattern (of capitalism).

[5]  Stephen Hawking in an interview, 2001: "The human race will not be safe before it has found inhabitable worlds in interstellar space. Darwinist selection [on human beings] works too slow. The only hope to this effect is in my view genetic engineering. It will be a long process. You have to wait about 18 years per generation to see the effect of genetic modification. But we should still take this path to keep our superiority."
(The quotation is not literally. It was translated and translated back.)
My comment on Hawking's attempt in eugenics was in 2001 this: "In breeding, any result that does not conform the breeding target has to be kept away from procreation (at least in this case kept away in a ghetto from the future of mankind). Considering this Hawking's idea is about crime against humanity."
(Reasons enough to call Stephen Hawking a pervert. - What absurd theses Hawking published in fundamental physics is analysed in my paper The Universe as Manifestation of Sense.)

[6]  Still today I'm surprised how easily some ideas from the Nazi-1930's made it to the 50's (with a slightly different label) and to this present day.  I was three years old when Hannah Arendt wrote: "This future man, whom scientists tell us they will produce in no more than a hundred years, seems to be possessed by a rebellion against human existence as it has been given, a free gift from nowhere (secularly speaking), which he wishes to exchange, as it were, for something he has made himself." (Hannah Arendt, Human Condition, 1958)

[8]  In 2009 I wrote: "The absence of the extraterrestrials is either worrying or final."

[9]  If they really find somewhere a rat that can read and write (e.g. "FUCK 5EYES" on a protest banner) they will wipe it out. (No, of course they will save it in a nice reservation, they will gaza it.)
In 2009 I wrote: "Where is everybody? - The alien with the only impetus to rule and to oppress is already there. It is man."

[10]  The article The Fermi Paradox, by Tim Urban  (a good summary of the topic) made in my view two miscalculations:

[11]  Technical means to control the one (and only) interstellar state are possibly periodical "civilization unlock keys" sent by "lightyear laser" from Earth's Moon. - But that's speculation. More substantial is the principle: remotely working unbreakable rulership.

[12]  A sceptical blog post by Charles Stross, 2007, about colonisation of exoplanets: "Colonize the Gobi desert, colonise the North Atlantic in winter - then get back to me about the rest of the solar system! "

[13]  My estimation addresses two main points:

In detail about a):
Knowing Ray Kurzweil's thesis of The Law of Accelerating Returns  300 years is really a huge time span. But interstellar space flight will not be an experiment, not a first step. It will be the all-embracive step into eternity, into immortality of the race (Hawking's thesis). And before that, the final dying of 10 billion people on Earth will not be a discrete event but an age of darkness and horror. – It will take time before the world is absolutely clear and ready for the promised exodus.

In detail about b):
The compelling evidence post-human life will stay biological is this:  The (post-) human mind and mental health can only exist in social life, in groups of individuals with limitations (e.g. of intelligence). On the other hand structural self- improvement of AI would have no limitation, it would be in its core antisocial/ sociopathic. – So one thing rules out the other and transformation ("upload of the mind") can't work.
– More on the AI topic see my essay The myth of artificial superintelligence.

[14]  Added 2015-06-23:  A blog post by Anders Sandberg  sets another illustrative example how people are fooled what the future of mankind looks like. – My response to the essay:

Even under best conditions and even in safety on earth man is not able to run a self-sufficient (hermetic circular) system, not biologically ("Biosphere 2 ") and not economically ("2052 ") – so for sure also not in space.
I belief in boundless cognitive abilities of man - as long as it is about thinking and spirit. – Physically and in the real (capitalist) world man is a sewer rat.
Man's intention/ ability is not to "build and maintain worlds" (as suggested in Sandberg's essay) but to live parasitic until the host world collapses.

The job of futurologists like Sandberg is to deceive people over the inevitable ruin of mankind so the chosen ones can go on as long as possible preparing their shady exodus. - Sandberg tries to make us believe it's a question of gravity to build artificial worlds for mankind  ( his essay is not intended for theoretical/ mathematical exercise but for social/ technical suggestion! ). He pretends he believes in freedom: more living space means more divergent evolution. - But everyone (except him) knows it: on earth any divergence (from U.S. interests) will be punished with sanctions and killer drones. – In space divergence will not happen at all.
As I've shown above, there will be no freedom for hypothetical worlds in space beyond "evolution" of laboratory rats - there can't be something else than total control.

My verdict on Sandberg's view:  The future of mankind is not a question of gravity of an artificial world  (or of billions of other technical parameters Sandberg calls "within relatively easy reach") but a question of perfect lying about this future.

[15]  More perverted hopes of exoplanets:

[16]  Added 2016-03: "No reduction of biodiversity at all." – To what extent this is impossible tells Harvard professor Edward O. Wilson in his book Half-Earth (quite late, if you ask me). Except Antarctica and some remaining areas of virgin forest man has occupied complete earth. Wilson comes to the conclusion to safe planet earth humans would have to withdraw from 50 percent of it. — The figure comes purely from statistics of biodiversity and extinction on Earth. It comes not from the world we live in: war of economies and battle for global resources. So, "50 percent" is wishful thinking – in the real world at best zero percent (no more deforestation) is achievable.
Wilson speaks of awareness of the deadly damage that is essential to prevent the collapse of the ecosystem Earth and he speaks of decisions humanity has only a short time to make. – Well, in my view, awareness doesn't matter at all in this case because there is no decision to make (whether the principle "eat or be eaten" is valid or not).

The North Americans (in particular professors) are trapped in the delusion everything is a question of technology, of power, of democratic decisions. —
Decision. What decision??.. It's absurd.
"Fifty percent" is the exemplary idea of a solution of someone who doesn't know what's going on. – Or what is it:  fifty percent of the oceans should be protected from being damaged by warmingplastic wasteship pollutionplutonium  and acid?
There is no protection from capitalism. "Half-Earth" is nonsense.
Or what is it:  to tell the U.S. Navy to leave Hawaii on behalf of conservation of biodiversity (that's not half the US but at least 0.5 percent)? Absurd.

The hidden elite that rules not only the US, that preaches the law of the jungle (the free market), that plans global dominance and (in the distant future) their exodus from Earth has no interest in humanity, biodiversity and Half-Earth philosophy.

Doesn't Wilson know what the purpose of U.S. military power is? What the sentence means "We defend American interests wherever they are threatened"? Of course he knows and he does his best to obfuscate, it is about exploitation of the whole world and NOT of half the world (– otherwise e.g. they wouldn't go after Russia so aggressively).
Well, a Harvard professor can't be against the US constitution. Edward O. Wilson is payed for benevolent pseudoscience, for spreading illusionary ideas, for distracting his students from evidence what the nature of US capitalism is.

Half-Earth's wishful thinking pretends to offer solutions. But it is feigned activity to play out time for the hidden preparations of the archenemy of mankind.
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