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tor is not for watching tv

Eight months ago I used for a while a payed VPN service to watch British TV. Now I was interested in how Tor works, in general and for the case I would really need it, not for watching TV. – But it ended up in trying just that.


how I do bookmarking and note taking

My favorite tool makes use of the filtering system of OS X  (Smart Folders) for filtering the notes/ bookmarks by tags, text strings, by excluding individual tags (boolean) etc. ..
Very fast, very neat, most indispensable.

eff logo

what is the english word for 'netzpolitik'?

The Guardian and Wired use derogatory naming as web pages' category: 'Hacking' resp. 'Threatlevel'.
Ars Technica calls it 'Civilization and Its Discontents' – sounds intellectual but intends downplaying rather...


cad software:  nx and modo

In the final result "3D" is either about engineering or about lighting, shadows, surface texture and perspective projection .. –  not what I want.  This blog post tells (beside listing CAD software) how I got loose from CAD.

photo aspect ratio

5:4 and 9x7  —  aspect ratio in photography

My photographs are exercises for myself (my eyes) in finding balance and proportion. They are not about current events, authenticity or contemporary photography. – In most cases the more square aspect ratio is important for balance.

master of war

thoughts on art

Basic ideas.  –  Some of my thoughts on art, on digital painting, on teaching art etc.
auf Deutsch

luncheon on the grass

saint mary of subcontracted labour

My fake draft for a stained-glass church window
Both the church and the artist fondly hope to get increase in prestige by a stained-glass window deal. – And on both sides it is hypocrisy in terms of motivation.

Two Sculptures

brush strokes, finally

Later I realised Photoshop builds its brush strokes just the same way from little circles inside the stroke's structure. — I invented for myself this basic principle of digital paint strokes not knowing the insides of Photoshop.

the well, poster

my 3d deadlock

2008/ 2009 I tried to preserve some 3D aspects in my graphical work and to turn the computer-generated 3D shapes into decorative plane structures. But in the end 3D was a deadlock for graphic art.

east-west manifesto

east-west manifesto


kobenhavn 1
kobenhavn 2

cutty stool

abundance and sobriety

Two prints that show the difference between effort and art. The comparison was a harsh eye-opener for me. "Cutty Stool" was my first (within five minutes made) drawing on a comuter (after a few test strokes on a Photoshop canvas) ..


foreign. strange. alien.

Robert Walser:  "Plötzlich gingen die Wände... Ein Wald von Eichen flog herein..., aber ich sank: der Felsen war weich wie ein Stück Tuch, gab nach, senkte sich mit mir, dem Klammernden, dem Abgrund zu."


ITER  —  das letzte experiment

Bau der experimentellen Kernfusionsreaktoren ITER und Wendelstein 7-X.  —  Jedem ist klar, dass die bewilligten 10Mrd EURO unbedingt für das Gegenteil von ITER auszugeben wären. Außer der Wissenschaftspolitik.  (it's in German) 


das denken existiert nicht ..

..nur die Synapse existiert. – Ist das ein neuer erkenntnis- theoretischer Ansatz oder schlicht Blödsinn? Es wäre das selbe, zu sagen "Die Existenz existiert nicht." – Meine Kritik zum 'Manifest der Neurowissenschaftler'  (it's in German)