Soundtrack of my  Y 2018

At the end of the year here is just a list of links about music I like and interesting musicians. (The newest on top and not restricted to 2018 releases.)
— A noindex page for my personal use.

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My scoring:
To start this collection with joy I put L.A. Witch on top.
The sound is fresh and aggressive. Great.
(+ The voice is a flashback: good old 'The Residents'.)

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My scoring:
Ministry is still there, performing the classic (1992) "N.W.O.". – Industrial at its best (and a statement).
Ministry – 'Live @ The Fonda Theatre, Los Angeles, CA' (2018-12-20)
My scoring:
'A gift for fans'? – I was a fan 40 years ago. For me it is not a gift. I would rather say: What a mass-effort for something that is gone (just look what the dead web design is).
(Gruß an Christine: "Von John Prine bis Heino werden alte Männer nur immer berühmter. Bloß Neil Young nicht. Scheiße.")
Hi-Res Streaming Music Service'Neil Young Archives' (launched 2018-12-24)
My scoring:
The track is o.k.
But if you try to load the webpage not of SoundCloud, but of the record label (I do not mention the name of these assholes) half a dozen advertising windows pop up so you have to kill your browser process. — The whole business is disgusting, at least in Germany.
Be Svendsen – 'Born and Raised (Remix)' (2018-12-19)

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My (very personal) view:
Kohlstedt assumes that everything he does with a note should be rated as important by the audience.
— OK, sometimes it's hard to follow artists. (I consider most things –including those I do– as essentially unimportant). – But I'm not sure which approach is mentally more sick.
Martin Kohlstedt – 'NIODOM feat GewandthausChor' (2018-12)

Martin Kohlstedt, live concert from 2018-09-17, rbb-Sendesaal Berlin. (2h broadcast from 2018-12-23). (The sound file lives on my local drive and works only for me.)

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My scoring:
Not my thing. But the song 'Hard Place' is fun (and well produced).

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My scoring:
Impressive. But the real milestone is the Vangelis soundtrack, not Aviary.

Elissa Hiersemann, Dlf from 2018-10-26 (The sound file lives on my local drive and works only for me.)

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My scoring:
Simply the most interesting and most agile-minded act in 2018.

(picture PIT FLIKS)

My scoring:
I guess I wouldn't listen to it in the player. But watching the performance is a striking experience.
Jacob, Samuel and Joshua Kiszka – bright young Jewish people. But in their message also a kind of Pied Piper. (Appearance and 'message' are calculated by US professionals in crowd psychology.)
Greta Van Fleet – 'Live @ Cal Jam, San Bernardino, CA' (2018-10-06)

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My scoring:
All the riffs and set pieces of his blues music are already known from ancestors. But Burnside assembles it perfectly. + Best cover art in 2018.

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My scoring:
In case I do not need loud, hard and disruptive sounds this is the music I'm taken up in.
Charles Lloyd & The Marvels ft. Lucida Williams – 'Vanished Gardens' (2018-06)

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My scoring:
A strange mixture of absurd bombastic arrangement, banal straightforwardness in the mood and the most impressive, capable, fucked-up female voice I've ever heared. It's a culture shock, bold.

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My scoring:
Dive in, float, get mesmerized. Works perfectly. 'Pay No Mind' is an anthem.

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My scoring:
Listen as time goes, free yourself from emotions.
My scoring:
Chilly Gonzales is virtuoso and entertainer. He joins the ranks of a great Jewish tradition in this profession, from Mendelssohn Bartholdy to Jerry Lewis.
I feel entertained, I am respectfull and amazed. But I'm not appreciative.

(picture amer

My scoring:
Voice and sound is raw and authentic. – Crockett is for sure a well-focussed straight guy. He says he will continue to sing about hard life. – I hope there is a good chance he can leave the hard part behind and still record great albums like this one.

(picture jako

My scoring:
Just what I said (above) about Charles Lloyd. But Jakob Bro is less Blues/ Country, more Cool.

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My scoring:
The death of Mark E. Smith makes obvious what is a matter of fakt for more than a decade now: the mindset of a whole generation simply does not exist anymore.
Mark E. Smith (The Fall)  (1957 - 2018)

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My scoring:
18min unbelievable amazing performance and great recording.
Lukas Nelson (son of Willie Nelson) - guitar
Neil Young & Promise of the Real – 'Live at The Forum, Los Angeles' (2015-10-14)

XX Remix (2010-10)
(I do not embed SoundCloud tracks because there is no volume control for desktop.)

Karen Dalton and Bob Dylan (left), 1961 NYC. ( orig. picture: gett yimages)

My scoring:
Karen Dalton's voice is the female voice I feel most consent for, ever.
Karen Dalton (1937-1993) – 'In My Own Time' (1971)
(Favorite track 'Something on my mind')