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hal-9000 Siri = Dave+HAL bbc: Mark Anderson in Peter Day's World of Business.


 .*:  Æ¿Æ* .   ....;ÆÞÞ¿¿¿  ;.              ;¿¿ÞÆÆÆ¿¿¿:    *. 
 ;,   æ¿Æ    . ;.  .*ÆÆÞÞÞÞ¿¿¿;:               ¿ÞÆÆ¿¿:*;:,::.
 ..   Æ¿Æ    .  ....;;;ÆÆÆÆÆÆÞÞ¿¿¿*¿¿;.         ÞÆÞ ¿¿¿¿¿¿...
 .;   Æ¿Þ:             ..ÆÆÆÆÞÞÞÞ¿¿;;*;.      ;;ÆÆÞÞÞÞÆÆÆÆÆÆÞ
 ;,   Æ¿¿Æ      *       ;.;ÆÆ;ÆÆÆÆÞÞÞÞ¿¿;*.;..ÞÆ .;ÆÆÆÞÞ;.
 .;   Æ¿ÞÆ             .;;*;ÆÆÆÆÆÆÆÞÞÞÆÆÆÞ**ÞÞ;;Æ;
 .;   ;;+*+            ;*     .;;*;.ÆÆÆÆÆÆÞÞÆ;Æ.            ;
 ;.   Þ;.  ;Æ.                  .;*;..ÆÆÆÆ.;.Þ.         ..;*Þ
 ;.   ;      ÞÆ               .;.  .;*+;  ;Þ.              .;
 Æ.  æ        ;Æ:.                  .    Æ;
     Þ   ;.     .ÞÞÆ:..                 ;ÆÆ.:;ÆÆÆÆÆÆÆÞÞÞÞ;
 Þ .;*;..         .Þ.          ;ÆÆÆ.    .;;+*ÆÆ;;ÆÆÞÆ;;;Æ
                 ;ÞÞ;   .ÞÞÆ;  ;Æ;    .Æ;Æ;        ;ÞÆÆÆÆÆÞ
              ¿ÞÆÆ;.;Æ;   .;   ;ÆÆ¿    ;;Þ       ÞÆ.ÆÞ¿¿Æ;Æ
 Þ        Æ;.;ÆÆÞÞÞÆÞÞÞÆ;       ;;Þ;.;ÞÆ.Þ.   ;Æ;ÆÞ;  .ÆÆ;
 .;Æ;    .;;;.ÆÆ;                 .;;*ÆÞ;   ÞÆ.Æ;  ;;Æ .Þ¿ÞÆÞ
     Æ.;*Þ*;+.;;.          .;ÆÆÞÆÆÞÞ;    .Þ;;Æ; ¿Æ     ;ÆÆÆ  
      .Æ;     .ÆÆÆÞÆÆ;;.. .;Æ;.        .Æ; ;Æ  Æ  ;Þ;.
     Þ;;;      .;;*ÞÞÞÞÞÞÞÆ*;;.;;*ÆÆÞÆ;.;;ÆÞ .; ;Þ
    Æ  Æ            ;ÆÞÞÞÞÞÞÞÞÞÆÆ*;.   ;ÆÞ;  ;  ;ÆÆÞÞÞÞÞÞ
 ;  ;ÞÞÆ;  ¿          .ÆÆÆÞÞÞÞÞÞÞÞÆÆ;  Æ.   Þ      .;;.;;*Þ;
 ;   .;;Æ;;        ;   ;ÆÆÆÞÞÞÞÞÞÞÞÞÞ;;Æ   .        ..;.    ;
        ; *          .;*;;;ÆÆÞÞÞÞ¿Þ.¿Æ;Þ  .;                 
                      ;ÆÆ*;;;ÆÞÞÞÞÞÞÞ; Þ  Æ   Æ*  .;;ÞÞÞÞÞÞÆÆ
                         ÆÆ;;*;ÆÞÞÞÞ;ÞÞ.  Þ;;Æ


"We need some angry nerds." says Jonathan Zittrain in MIT Technology Review / txt.
Add to his essay the prediction of implanted Android Chips (providing the App AllocationOfAirToBreath) for every new-born child on the planet and you know what the future of mankind is.


"99%" poster – Shepard Fairey, free download for large format print occupy hope poster obama hope poster.


"Doch das Paradies ist verriegelt und der Cherub hinter uns." Heinrich von Kleist († 1811-11-21  / 200 years ago) suggested a doorway to paradise from the backside of the world. (Perhaps a COMPUTED_reality is a similar trial.)  100 years ago Robert Walser wrote "Kleist in Thun".
[To be right] + [to assert oneself] == two contradicting issues, insoluble for these two great minds.


v2.8.0 of iFFmpeg (graphical front-end to convert multimedia files between formats):
"user presets + now basically the same as Handbrake (thanks to Christian Bolland) ".


Bill Atkinson, Andy Hertzfeld, Larry Tesler – for more than 20 years that were mystical words associated with rare little photographs on my hd. Now I can easily watch these guys talking (about Steve). – moving, fascinating.
+ Jean-Louis Gassée about the magic and future of Apple when S. Jobs now is gone: "There are a lot of flaming assholes at Apple that can carry it forward." (a good statement because you could feel Gassée's appreciation of Jobs behind it).


TG The Guardian/ Alexis Petridis speaks to Throbbing Gristle. 25 years ago Industrial was an existentialist experience. Today the threatening essence of the whole thing is irretrievably gone. (almost)


mona simpson's eulogy for steve / txt.  I read it later again and than again.


digital drawing


v2.2 of Base (edit SQLite 3 databases): " Massively improved table schema parsing ".

v1.01 of CPA (analyze, display and filter packet trace files): " improved + via Mac App store ".


photograph of p. roth
Watch the interview.mp4 <you>Portnoy</you> (not in public)


announcement: Heroku supports Python.


Deadmau5 "Head Games" from Matt Stone


One slogan says Markdown is for web developers (and blog writers). But

Markdown is for presentations, for mind-mapping and notes too.

icon of The icon design of the
fresh and new
developed by Chen Luo
(icon: Chee Fang)


Markdown is for writing down ideas that need hyperlinks and images
(it stays with
.md file format and lets the browser parse on the fly.)
(IMHO – No more PowerPoint, no more note pads.)

Here is a list of some apps that use Markdown  +  their resp. weak points:

The best about Markdown: you can mix it with HTML: <pre><code> works.

Conclusion: Markdown was considered since it's invention by John Gruber as a prestage for editing HTML. I think that's a mistake. Markdown should be (beside editing HTML) a final file format and should let the browser/viewer do the rest.
A beautiful and easy to use Markdown Presentation App could participate in a market of up to 100 Billion pages per year (PowerPoint, number estimated by Edward Tufte).
Update 2011-10-28: Mou is featured on Smashing Magazine.
Update 2011-11-11: Stuart Frisby dropped as an example a Todo List.


:-( Kill him!! XO  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧♥


With release of OS X Lion on the WWDC 2011 (more precisely with the first major performance of the Mac App Store) an era has come to an end. Using a PC was: "what I use an OS for and how applications run on it is my freedom". Open source, Shareware and to overcome dictatorship of 'Microsoft's HTML' and IE were great experiences of digital liberation. Now the feeling is gone. Established dependencies in general become obvious and total.
update: On Oct 5 Steve Jobs died. Apple, his legacy, remains excellent. But in my relationship with I.T. thinking the different is gone. A computer is no longer a personal "Bicycle for our minds" (S. Jobs, 1980). Now I have to take the train (the cloud) and I have to accept: two or three Big Brother control, which apps run and which are not allowed to run in the big closed system, which persons are approved and which are excluded from service.


I have no iPad and not the bOOg app.
I have to watch the bOOg trailer.

freeware delaware  
FREEware DELAware


Loretta Lux:

piece of Loretta Lux   Siegfried - weird world view. impressive.


For art the luncheon on the grass painting over in 3d manner is just as stupid as painting over a photo in 2d manner.


自転車に乗る二足歩行ロボット from Dr.Guero . . . . . . . . . . . . . 人造人間


Aquarium:~ fish$ glassfish3/bin/asadmin stop-domain
Aquarium:~ fish$ nano glassfish3/glassfish/ domains/domain1/applications/ blog/WEB-INF/
[^O]  [Enter]
Aquarium:~ fish$ glassfish3/bin/ asadmin start-domain
Aquarium:~ fish$ exit

Three links added 2012-03:  – GlassFish 3.1.2  – Apache 2.4  – PyLucene .

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