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The Rest on the Flight into Egypt


love the 1930's

digital drawing titled spinning tops digital drawing titled puppets



stumm logo


Hello modo forum,
my question:
How to enlarge an object in only 2 dimensions? ( image to the right)

What I don't want (changed profile or changed height):

modo screen shot 2  modo screen shot 1

What I want shows the 2nd image: preserved profile and preserved height. - The question is greatly answered by James Darknell with


back in 2008 Myoats (online drawing tool): Microsoft's ASP.NET framework with interactive Adobe FlashPlayer as frontend – not my favorites but the first web app I experienced. (Update: 4 years later something similar in HTML5.)

Myoats drawing HALF-SAINT


Digital wireframe made analog: Do Ho Suh (2008).


back in 2007 I hang up a job at the berlin university of arts (rendering 2006)

(Teaching 3D can become boring.)

rendering of a phone


back in 2002 with the "JaPan Graphics" catalogue came FREEware/ DELAware

japan graphics book  japan graphics


What browsers do:

pushing together some fractals of reality onto a specific point of view (in this case a quite weird one from 2001).

Draft for a music CD cover (a CD featuring a really aggressive/abusive track).


screenshot from Mac OS 8  BACK IN 1999, MAY 10: the just installed QuickTime4-beta player on my Mac OS 8 desktop.
it was exciting to watch the first ever public live video stream (from San Jose)
by clicking the button (in Berlin).

(at the University. – at home there was a 56k modem at that time.)


back in 1991:
image of a painting 1991 Constructing Artist
oil on canvas.
intention: make it look "3D / computer made"


back in 1976: Reminder of the sound track at my early age:

Stockholm 1976

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