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Pechardscheck, Nicole

Projekt im Hauptstudium

Professor / Lehrbeauftr.:
Prof. Eilfried Huth

Assistent / Wissensch. Mitarb.:
Jesko Fezer

Wohn-/ Geschäftsgebäude

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  • 2002. Student: Pechardscheck, Nicole
  • Projekt im Hauptstudium
  • Prof. Eilfried Huth
  • Wohn-/ Geschäftsgebäude
Semesterprojekt Architektur
Semesterprojekt Architektur 2b

Semesterprojekt Architektur 3b

Semesterprojekt Architektur 4b


In this project on the bank of the river Spree between Jannowitzbrücke and Ostbahnhof, I developed a structure which offers a place for a temporary stay and also enables free enterprises with less risk.

At the moment one part of the property is occupied by a squatters village, which was allowed, before the construction work of "verdi" at Schillingbrücke started. Now the stay of the squatters again is in danger because of a statement of claim made by the 'German Architectural Center' which is located in the neighborhood.

The residential structure's goal is to integrate, not to displace the the inhabitants of the squatters village. The squatters themselves are included and should take part in the developement of the residential and commercial complex.

Socialist Ulrich Beck sees individualisation as a result of growing wealth and higher education standards in the western social states.

That would lead us to more self-esteem of an individual who now also asks for codetermination. This participation points at the preservation and extension of the individual small area.
(Bart Lootsma, Superdutch, London 2000)

Form and dimension of the building are made by occupants, platforms, ramps and the event room. The inhabitants set the conditions under which they could accept the residential structure (keep mobile homes, flexible planning, plantable ground, open sky, roofed event room, tranquility, etc.)

The inhabitant of the housing units decide by themselves, which unit they want to book, how far and to which direction it protruds. Not occupied space is given to everyone and appears in the facade as views through the building.