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Paetzold, Daniel
Schmidt, Michael

Projekt im Hauptstudium

Professor / Lehrbeauftr.:
Prof. Günter Zamp Kelp

Assistent / Wissensch. Mitarb.:
Jürgen Meyer-H.


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  • 1999. Studenten:
    Paetzold, Daniel • Schmidt, Michael
  • Projekt im Hauptstudium
  • Prof. Günter Zamp Kelp
  • Stadtplanung


a new center for hong kong

in Hong Kong the immense high density of build bodies and population seems incredible, even threatening. this system of clustering found an almost iconised reality in the meanwhile demolished "Walled City". the people in also seem to live in a state of constant movement.
seamlessly breaking through the different layer of a cityscape that is characterized by the solitary scyscrapers and a tremendeous addition of programme.
our vision for an enhanced harbourfront between Central and Wanchai will be an approach to formulate a design within the very specific context of Hong Kong considering it as a highly contemporary city rather than a historical one. this is why this extension of the city must not be abused to become a themepark themed by itself.
also the european understanding of urban continuity seems unsuitable within the context of urban planning and building cycles lasting no longer than 5 - 10 years. this produces a pittoresque programmatic instability where the city becomes a mere shelter for perpendual programmatic changes.
the project thereby has to start with the production of rather abstract diagramms that could help us to map and understand the relationship of the multilayered infrastructure with for example the pedestrian flow. this is crucial to be able to integrate an extension into the existing urban organism. we do understand such components as the basic actors of a citiscape that is evolving out of an existing one but want to become part of it.

the concept of layers and waves

3d model

›› Dept of Architecture Hong Kong University (expired path ../courses/design4)
›› SOArchitecture PrincetonU New Jersey
›› Wydziat Architectury Politechniki Warszawskiej Warszaw

Hong Kong is an expanding city requiring space. the mountain ridge in the backyard of the skyline hinders the city´s expansion. this natural barrier stands in contrast to the increasing/growing need of space for housing and offices. our design project bases on this fact.
at the waterfront, between Starferry and the new congress centre, land will be reclaimed. a new town centre will be developed there, that refers to the city's new role as part of the People´s Republic of China. therefore mainly administrative and cultural facilities will be placed in this area.

although Hong Kong is situated at the water, the urban situation does not refer to these circumstances. therefore one of the project`s issues is to incorporate tht quality of the waterline into the urban living.
the relation of functional density and quality of urban space expresses the main issue for this new district.
another point is to integrate other facilities besides the administrative and cultural buildings to increase the attractiveness of the area.

continuous exchange and discussion between the participants in Hong Kong, Warszaw and Berlin will take place via internet.