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Middle East:  nurtured extremism - destruction - settlement

  Nurtured extremism  (via pinboard.in)
  Syrian Civil War  (via reddit.com)
  Al Monitor  (aggregator, US-based)
  Almanar News  (Lebanese, via twitter.com)
  Middle East Monitor  (partly pro-Hamas)
  Working through the kill list  (via pinboard.in)
  Maps & analysis  (via twitter.com)
  West Bank Settlement  (via pinboard.in)

fake physics

where do fake physics come from?

The discussion on "post-truth" is actually not about fake but about the broken monopoly on fake. Physics of the bubble universe are not accidentally wrong. Is perhaps the standard model of cosmology itself the origin of fake physics?


I migrated to a new domain:  www.hashsign.eu

Yes, it zeros the Google ranking of my articles. But in most other respect it's good news. — If you bookmarked an article of mine or established a link before 2017, please update the URL. It changed. All pages are still there.


chikoo.app review – files in smart folders

For some of your data folders on your Mac (perhaps for the most important ones)  Chikoo could organize your files, smarter than the Finder — if its syncing with the Finder would be more elaborated.

destruktion europa

EU .  vision & destruktion

Am Beginn des 21. Jahrhunderts ist die Hegemonie über Europa und Deutschland nicht mehr zweigeteilt, sondern unumschränkt. — Über Sündenfall und Ohnmacht der Europäischen Union.  (it's in German) 


I'm a cell phone refusenik

But how useful actually is a handheld when it's not a phone? I bought an iPod touch (G6) to find out – in particular to find out how to browse my locally stored knowledge base written in HTML.


the fate named artificial  intelligence

PART II  –  My comments on the funding of the non-profit research company OpenAI.  –  My thoughts on oversight over development of AI and big data algorithms.  –  OpenAI's attempts to distract from the real threats.


the myth of artificial superintelligence

PART I  –  Is artificial super intelligence the inevitable fate of humanity or simply wishful thinking of a dark political force? – At any rate the idea of ASI is about manipulation of our perception, of thinking and behavior.


big bang

einstein's kosmologie

1. Analyse der fachlichen Fehler der Einsteinschen Fundamentalphysik des Universums und deren politische Ursachen. 2. Wie diese Sackgasse im Wissenschaftsbetrieb festgeschrieben wird.  (it's in German) 

big bang

einstein's voodoo of the bubble universe

The sources and goals of US science policy.  –  Where Einstein was wrong in fundamental physics.  –  You can bend light by gravity but you can't retract light once emitted back to its source.  –  There is no "gravity of the universe".

kill list

kill list

The drone war's never ending kill list can only be compared with the permanence of the Gulag system's kill list. Its high- tech and its historical ultimacy make the drone war a crime without precedent - ignored in the filter bubble we live in.


landscape photography — fujifilm X30 review

The Fujifilm X30 is well-known for its perfect point-and-shoot mode.  –  I love to use this camera just for the opposite purpose. I disabled any Auto operations: white balance, focus etc.  –  the excellent EVF makes it possible.

schlachtfeld internet

die stellschrauben unserer meinung

Die Dokumentation "Schlachtfeld Internet" des Deutschen Fernsehens übt sich im Propaganda- Tonfall des Kalten Krieges.  –  Edward Snowden's Arbeit dagegen widmet sich der Aufklärung. - Ein Missverhältnis .. (it's in German) 


"..this planet will float deserted through space"

Will the godspeed address for interstellar space colonization be like this?: "Good luck! In five thousand years we will meet again. Perhaps then with opposing precepts what humanity should be. So, please stay peaceable!" – Of course it will not.

guanxiu luohans

贯休  guanxiu . the 16 luohan engravings

The boldness of Guanxiu's luohan drawings is artistically exemplary in my view. Even after many steps of reproduction the original artwork speaks to us as unbelievable expressive, vivid and freely developed portraits.